Save The Date

$ 1,233.00

Save the date set comes with wood engraved on both sides, printed sticker paper, printed envelope on both sides and hang tag with string. Items not available individually. 

Wood options are Walnut, Cherry (pictured) or Maple. Paper selections are white, creme or recycled (pictured). After you place your order we will email you to get your wood and ink color selections along with your personalized text info. See our ordering process on our Ordering Process page here

*Colors of each piece may vary slightly. Please see our FAQ page for details or questions. Items come unassembled. If you wish us to assemble for you let us know and we can quote you a priced based on your items purchased. 

Additional items not pictured but desired may be requested as an addition to your set. Please email us if you have an item you would like to match this set but you do not see designed here. 

*Wood items in an envelope as well as envelopes with string on the outside require extra postage from the post office for a non-machinable surcharge. We strongly recommend you also mark "NON-MACHINABLE" on the front of the envelope. This will help ensure the post office doesn't run them through their machines where they will break. We are not responsible for any broken invitations by the post office. If you follow these instructions they should get to their destination unharmed. 

Item Details
Save the Date Wood: 9.25x3.875" wood engraved species of walnut, cherry or maple.
Save the Date Sticker: Sticker paper in white, creme or recycled (pictured) 
Invite Envelope: Creme, white or craft (pictured) 

Designs are the exclusive copyright of Method and Madness