We offer custom, unique production and design services for people who want their project to be memorable. We aren't a production shop as much as we are a creative collaborator. We like to work with other creatives and companies looking to push the boundaries of design and production. 



Laser engraving utilizes a powerful laser beam to remove the surface layer of a material like paper or wood to achieve depth and tonal variances. Laser cutting allows for intricately cut shapes that can't be produced using other traditional methods. We use the laser to create unique techniques often in combination with letterpress that aren't seen elsewhere. It is a time-consuming process but can create very interesting results. 



Letterpress printing is the process of using printing plates with raised artwork that is inked and pressed into paper to create a wonderful texture and visual depth. In letterpress printing each color and each side is printed on a separate press run and setup. The cost increases with each color we print and with each side we print. We can use ink colors, overlapping inks (overprinting) or no ink (blind impression) to create a variety of interesting looks and textures. 



Edge painting is the process of coloring the edges of paper. It typically works best on thicker paper with a bright pop of color in order to stand out from the paper itself. We can produce any color found in the Pantone Formula Guide. We only offer the edge painting service on items we produce from start to finish.  



Die cutting is the process of cutting paper into custom shapes using a sharp steel rule die. Simple shapes can be die cut using the letterpress, but with the laser we are able to cut much more detailed shapes. We can also perforate or score for folding. These services are offered only on items we produce from start to finish. 



We offer custom design for projects such as business cards, coasters, packaging, promotional materials or other items that we will also be producing. We only design items that we produce in-house as a start to finish process. 



For designers or agencies that will be designing their own piece we can offer consultations beginning at $150/hr. Consultations can help tremendously when we produce your project in order to find the best solution for common issues and find creative ways to push the boundaries of your design using our production techniques. We only consult on projects we produce. 



  • Finish or do portions of projects printed by another shop 
  • Edge paint, die cut, or laser engrave/cut a project that has been printed by another shop
  • Laser engraving/cutting larger than 18" x 12" 
  • Letterpress printing larger than 12" x 9" 
  • Die cutting larger than 10" x 8"